From July 2012 to June 2016

The Coordinating Team will be mainly based in Pontedera and will be coordinated by WS. Thus, the project management will be carried out by the staff of the coordinating beneficiary, WS. This joint effort in the project management will provide the necessary support for the success of the project. Within the Coordinating Team, the reference person is the Project Manager, Giorgio Virgili, who will be in charge for the whole project duration.

The objectives of project management will be:

- promoting communication and cooperation between partners; 

- managing project activities according to criteria of efficiency, energy savings, effectiveness   and 


- monitoring  and  evaluating  the  effectiveness,  the  environmental  benefit,  etc.  of  the  main project actions; 

- preparing the reports to be submitted to the EC on the basis of each actions results; 

- submitting the reports to the EC, meeting the established deadlines and methods;

- prepare the partnership agreement between the beneficiaries ; 

- organising and chairing project meetings; 

- resolving possible conflicts and overcoming problems that may arise in the course of the project; 

- financial administration and liaison with the Commission.  

The partnership   agreement   will   be   drawn   up   outlining   actions,   rights   and responsibilities of each partner carrying out the activities implied by the project, according to the schedule  arranged  together.  The  main  aspects  of  such  agreement  will  be  notified  to  the EC.  Action  results  will  be  coordinated  through  reports  and  periodic  meetings  with  the leaders of the actions themselves, ensuring that the established times and activities are met. 

Data,  experiences  and  problems  concerning  the  project’s  fulfillment  will  be  exchanged among  the  partners. Internal  procedures  will  be  organized  in  order to  keep  the  project’s  accounts correctly.  In particular, all the expenses will be recorded on separate and easy-to-identify files. 

It  is  expected  that  project’s  deadlines  will  be  met  and  that  all  the  partners  will  punctually submit the documents needed to prepare the reports to  be  sent  to  the  EC.  The  project  manager  will  also  be  responsible  for  preparation  and distribution of meeting minutes. In addition, a steering committee will be established, consisting of the project  manager and the various action leaders. Members of this committee will meet twice in a year (at months 6, 12, etc.) to ensure the smooth running of the project and to assist the project  manager with its duties. Information to be circulated in these meetings include: 

- update other beneficiaries with the progress occurred in each task over the previous six months; 

- plan and schedule activities for the next work period. 

The project management and working meetings will be held in the office of WS, never the less it will be used and promoted the communication between partners through video-conferences, e-mails and meetings.

Expected results

• Good and efficient management of the project.

• Quick problem solving.

• Organizing the technical actions, advising on the dissemination of public awareness actions 


Improved flux Prototypes
for N2O emission from Agriculture

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